Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the thoughs of me while basking in the sun

I have much love. Some may think me to above everyone to love anyone. But it is true that I am above everyone. But I still love my slaves. I love them with the love that a master has for people who will do anything for them. I am a loving animal. I love my house. I love my foodbowl. I love my hay rack. I love my waterbottle. I love my bed. I love my pink and yellow blankets. I love my pillow. I love the quilt on my bed. I love my grooming brush. I love my food container and hay bag. I also love the outside world that is always warm and full of juicy tender grass bits. I also love my cd player and my cd. I am very important with much to think about every day. I have grown very small this week from not being fed enough. I sit and wither away with hunger in my crying voice. I was only given two extra treats yesterday. An apple core and a small stalk of celery. It was not enough to sustain me. I was sad. I am so much above everything in this world. I am very important. my stripes are important. my paws that are snow white are important. my flapping ears are important. The spot on my white foot is important. my black foot is important. the fur on my back that is salt and pepper speckled is important. These things are the things that should be important to you because they make me me. There is not another better living thing in the world that is above me. I am more important then even the lion, king of the animals. A lion could never stand up to my importance. I could bite that lion and it would roar and stalk off like it had lost a battle. My teeth are much sharper than a lions. I am more important than anything. I can swim better than a fish. I can sing louder than the birds. I am very important.