Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Views Of Me Running

I have wanted to go outside for 8 days now. I have not. Slave said it was to cold. That it was raining. That it was to hot. There are no excuses. I should be able to go out when I want. However my flower garden is growing and the grass is green, but the owners put me in the dirt to run. I had to exercise. That was not necessary. I ate a holly bush that had sprouted out of the ground. It had taken away some of the daily hunger that I live with. I am still hungry now. I have been going to other guinea pig websites, not that I am a guinea pig of course, and have learned that guinea pigs and especially important ones like me, should be provided with food to keep away hunger all day long. I should be able to graze freely like other pigs of centuries before me. I should be given Wild Harvest food whenever I ask and should have fresh vegetables in abundance. It is my will. Let it be written let it be done.

View the pictures of all angles of me. I am important. Every gray fur and white stripe fur is important.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My dreams in the rain

I have lots of dreams. Dreams that you don't even know about. I was going to go outside today. When I was woken up at 6:45 am, I heard the rain drumming on the roof top. It was not fair. It cancelled the dreams of myself. I was upset. I deserved to go outside today. And last night. In the afternoon, I was given a watermelon. I ate the whole thing, even the green parts and saved some of it right next to my food bowl also next to my corncob. Then my slave cleaned my cage out and I lost all the food that I had hidden under my food bowl, in my house and in the holes that I had dug. It had taken me a long time to store. I was upset. I got in my clean cage and looked for it all night long. No luck. It had been dumped for the raccoons.

I would like to notify all my slaves of myself in this video. Watch it many times. I am very important:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Take Me Outside!

I have done everything to deserve being taken outside. I am im

portant. I don't even cary the swine flu. Please take me outside. You know you should. Just look at my stripes and then at my cute face. How can you say no?

I have prepared myself to go. All that you must do is pick up my house with me in it and take me outside to the green grass.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A five year old guin.

Well really, I am having my birthday. My slaves do not know the exact date that I was born. They are too unimportant to be given that kind of information. This way I can celebrate my birthday every day of May. I am special so I have 31 birthdays. I am turning 5 years old. I am very important. I am told I still act like a 2 year old, but I am far beyond a 2 year old guin. I am very important. You already know that. This is the kind of cake I eat. a Carrot Cake. I first eat the frosting off the top of it. Then I eat the cake. That is the way I do things. I am very important. My slaves haven't made me my cake yet, but they soon will, or else I will bite them.

Also on my birthday I like to go outside. My slaves have no choice. I am always ready to be taken outside.

I must graze on green grass. It is good for my stomach and my brain. I am very smart because of it. It also makes my fur smell good. I am very important.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mokus's Agenda

My agenda for Saturday was set. I got up very early
at 9:30 am. I ran around my cage 5 times, flipped over my house and jumped into it so that I could be taken outside by my slaves with no effort necessary out of them. I did a good deed that should have been awarded. I am very disappointed that I will not be going outside. I was told that I was not going to go outside. That makes me feel very angry inside. I was a good pig all night and I will not be taken outside. I deserved to be taken outside. It is all Chuck's fault that I wasn't taken outside. I deserve a consolation treat.