Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well really, I was begging. At first I was squeaking, and then I was crying. Then I shook my ears. That is very cute of me when I do that I know that I am expecting dinner and it deceives my slaves. Then I bit my slave. You could see my teeth latch on to my slave's finger. Then Slave gave me a tinker-stick. It was very cute of me. Listen to the sound of my voice.

The Running of Myself

Well really, I went running yesterday. I was also given parsley as a treat. And I had more treats. And a treat of cilantro. I was very deceitful. I was also very cute. It was 96 degrees outside. I was not hot. I have a summer coat of fur but the slaves don't believe that. They say I will bake and get a sunburn behind my ears. I however was having a good time. I ate some clovers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Face in Distress

I was taken out running for a morning run a few days ago. I was pleased. I had my way. Then the hawks came out. They made hawk noises. Really, I am louder and stronger then the hawks. They can't eat me. I am more powerful than them. But I was in distress when it was time to go inside. It made my stomach boil in rage. I was full of rage. It wasn't my fault that it was time to go in. It was the hawk. I do not like the hawk, although I am more powerful than it. It will not swoop down and swoop back up with me. So then the next night I was taken outside to catch the evening air. And the owl was out. It was a baby owl . And it was screetching. And I was mad. It spoiled my run. I was eating grass as fireflys aorund my blinked yellow lights to illuminate the grass. It distrubed and distressed me when the owl screetched. I had this exact face on infactly. It displeasures me greatly. And also my whiskers were in disarray.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My box and My patio

My slaves have worked hard for me this weekend. They installed for me a patio that leads to my green running pastures. It also leads to my flower garden in which I can snack on any plant that I desire when the slaves aren't looking. The patio is of red bricks and contains to stripes, which is to my liking. My gray fur and white stripes also stand out on this dark red shade of bricks. This pleases me. I have been running, much to my pleasuredness, much more than usual lately, if not every day every other day. I sit out on the grass in the sun, and then when I don't want to do that I go inside a big cardboard box flipped over with 4 doors to go in and out from. I take naps in this box. It is mine. It pleases me very much. I can eat from the inside of my box. I can also nap, which I already said. It is important to me. Once I fell asleep in it. I was being a good animal. And then my slave woke me up and said "Alright Mokus, time to go in." It was not a way to address myself. For as you know, I am very important. I unfortunately do not have any pictures to share with you right now. I will show pictures as soon as I can.

I was a pleased animal today. I got 2!!! pre-dinner treats. One of then was a little bit of celery and the other was a celery leaf. This pleased me very much. I now must wait for dinner to be given to me. I cry and sniff the air. I will be soon giving you a video of my commanding voice. You will listen to it and remember my commands. When I want to go running. When I am pleasured. When I am angry. When I am hungry. And when I am being deceitful.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running in June

Here are 2 pictures for you to admire of me of my running yesterday. I went running yesterday. It was about time that the slaves took me outside. I had done everything to deserve being taken out. I went out for a period of only 70 minutes. I ate clovers and blades of juicy grass that grow so that I can eat them. I ate out in the morning sunshine for a while and then retired into the big cardboard box that protects me from hawks that my slaves often here. Of course I am not left out unatended. For if I needed something my slaves wouldn't be around to come to my immediate aid. So, I went outside. And I took my pre-lunch (sometimes I don't get lunch) nap. I had fallen fast asleep in my house. Then Chuck came in and woke me up. I was displeasured. And then it was time to go inside. I was also not happy about this. I was ready to stay out all day. So now you can admire me. This is a picture of my interupted nap. Also, look at my nose. It is very important. So you can admire these pictures. In the picture of my nose, notice the point above my nose where my stripe starts. You may also admire my nose and whiskers. And in the picture of my reclining you can notice my non-spotted foot. It is extended. Also, this foot is black on the botton and darker gray on top.