Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Looks Had Been Deceiving

Well really, I had been having looks that were deceiving because I had known that I had not wanted a bath. I had not received my pre-winter bath and had hoped against it. So I had spent much time grooming to make my stripe more white and even had groomed my stomach and gray fur as well. And I had made my whiskers straight and orderly. I had been soft and had felt as if I was given a bath, which I had not needed. But then my ears heard the sink turn on in the bathroom and I had feared the worst. So I had been tense and had scrambled under my slaves chin to hide from the thoughts of a bath. Well really, I had not been given one after all but had been given my dinner and put in the closet for the time of night at which I do things. I had also been given a treat of purple cabbage because I had been deserving in the early day. But I had gotten no treat with dinner. Which had not been good. But most of all, I had been pleased with the looks that deceived the slaves out of giving me a bath which I had feared.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I had had stripes like a referee

And in my days I had noticed the stripes that I had had had been like the stripes of a referee, so I had wanted to lace up my ice skates which you did not know that I had kept under my foodbowl (which is hand painted and fired) and go be a referee on the ice. It would have been cold to my rubber feet but I would have had skates on. Well really, I had liked to be a hockey referee and had bitten the team that I had not favored in my days. This post had revealed to you what sport I had liked and had cheered for. And it had been winter now. And you had also seen in the picture that my mouth had been opened. Which had been one of my cute ways, to open my mouth so that you could see my long saber-like sharp teeth which had been capable of biting.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

the way I had been curled up because of the coldness

I hope that you like the pictures of the way I had been curled up. I had not been outside for a long time because of the coldness, but it had been supposed to warm up later this week. I had also outsmarted my slaves into forgetting about the before winter nap that I had supposed be given but had not. So I had spent my time snuggled away in my pink blanket or my yellow blanket. I had been curled up and had compacted myself making myself small. It had been of the cute way I had known. Well really, you had been able to see my stripes and my spotted foot which had made me proud that you had been able to admire my pictures.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I had been with flowers in my importance

I had really been so important that I had had an important picture taken of myself. I had been in my house with flowers outside and had looked my best, with my good looks. I had posed for the camera which I had known its existence.

The Rose of Myself which had belonged to Myself.

Well really, in the garden of myself is a rose. The rose is my favorite color pink which I had liked since I had been a baby guinea pig, which of course then, I was still as powerful as I am now but I had not discovered my power. I had had this rose that was mine and had sniffed it because its smell had been pleasing to myself and the nose I had had of myself.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My views, My possessions, and My begging

Well really, I had been planning to post some most of-myself-ful pictures over the next few days. It had a satisfying weekend in my world. I had slept. I had been running and eating in the grass. I had also been looking forward to when the grass that had belonged to me would be re-seeded to replenish my meadow of wonder and dreams. So I had been gonig to be writing to you so that you would know of my power and ways of myself that had been the way I had lived my days of this week. This pictures had had much to admire. One picture had been of my begging ways only moments before I had gotten the treat. Then the next picture had been of me when I had devoured the purple cabbage leaf that had been the rewards of my begging. In this picture, the view of my teeth had been visible. I had had white teeth. Then is a picture of my anger. I had not had my way and had just come inside from the outside world. I had been in rage and had flipped my house over and pulled my hayrack down all by myself. I had not had my way and I had sulked about it until I had forgotten when the little alarm in my head had gone of to signal the begging for the next meal to begin.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I had been in the place of my dwelling

Well really, I had had a busy month of the activities of my daily life. I had knew in my heart that my slaves had really truly wanted to serve me and my ways. Well really, last weekend I had been given my animal blessing by the bishop. Although I had not been an animal, as I am myself, not an animal, I had been treated well. I had gotten many new slaves who complimented my good looks. I had also met many guinea pigs, of which I am not. I had also been pleased to know that none of them had stripes at all. I had been the only one with a stripe. None of them had had coats of gray fur, of which I was pleased. I had been given treats. And the new habit of myself was to start squeaking at the top of my voice suddenly and without warning to get what I had wanted. It had worked because I had done it. And my slaves had been worried about my existence when I had squeaked at such a high decibel. Well really, I had also gone out in the beautiful weather of the month. It had been the weather of my wanting. And I had gone running. I had had my picture taken next to the flowers that I had grown with my paws.