Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had been tweeting

Well really, I had been important and powerful enough to be on twitter. I would like you to be following me on twitter. To keep up with my twittering ways, go to
I had been very important.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Travel Arrangments Of Myself

These are the travel arrangements of myself. I am traveling importantly up to New York. I had wanted to go away for my vacation. I am traveling in a small sized box. The only posessions that I will be bringing with myself is my foodbowl and water bottle. I willl have a half of a clementine wooden house crate for myself to sleep in when I want to be taking my scheduled naps of myself. I went into my travel cage today to see if it was good. I had now known what to think when I went into it. The house was only as big as myself. But I had wanted to go away. So I had had to make travel arrangements.

The Face I Had Had When I Was Outside

This is the face that I had had when I was outside. I had been pleasured.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Views Of Me Begging

this is a view of my chin fur. you can see my whiskers, my shark-like mouth, my little gray beard under my shark-like mouth and my puffed out chin-fur. I am very important.

This is one of my cute faces. My white paws are visible and I also have slightly narrowed eyes to make myself look threateningly cute.

This is a view of my chin in the air like a powerful ruler. I look down upon my slaves.

And this is a view of me begging with my chin in the air, again, I had positioned myself like a powerful ruler over slaves.

And this is the view from my eyes with my whiskers visible. It is a view that I look at my slaves with when my chin is not in the air like a powerful ruler's look over slaves.

Well really, I had been a begger guin. And that was what I was doing to make myself look cute and to put me in a position of power and of greed. I was also being very deceitful. Deceit is my speciality. And I had also been cute. Cuteness is my other speciality. I am also a loving animal. And really I was angry. One of my slaves had put a whole bag of guinea pig gourmet bonanza diet into my house. I had been dumped into my flipped over house. And that was as I ordered it. And then it was taken away from me. And it was unjust. I had been deceived. It was a bad experience, really, for myself to go through. I had been whimpering all night laying under my water bottle. I was whimpering and crying to myself next to my precious foodbowl that was precious to me. I was still whimpering this morning, that my precious food bowl that was precious to me would be filled to the top at my commands. But it did not happen according to my will. And I had been upset about it. I will be expecting many treats. And so I hope that you have admired my pictures.

The Way That I Had Been Curled Up

These are pictures of the way that I had been curled up. It was during a summertime nap in my bed. And I had been curled up in one of my pink blankets that was ontop of my quilt and yellow blanket. I was very important laying in a position of honor. You can also see how compact that I am. I was very little. I made myself look under-fed so that I could have the ocasion of a big dinner. and I had also curled myself up to look cute. And also to be admired. I had been asleep as well. I had been being cute. But

you could also still see my stripe, although I had made it smaller and thinner. You can observe both of my stripes in fact, as I had made them visible. And also I had closed my eyes in one of the pictures.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bath Of Myself

The first picture is of me after the bath. I had had rumpled up fur. And also the hair dryer had not worked. And I was very angry and had decided to run away.

This picture of me is myself and my sister chuck. Do not pay any attention to her. She is not pretty or cute and does not have the looks of me. If you do look at her you should notice that she does not have any stripe. And also myself looked sad. I was very upset about it all.

This is of me before my bath. I looked cute and pretty. I did not need a bath. I did not deserve a bath. It was all chuck's fault. I was upset.

The Way That I Do Things

And this is the way that I do things. It is how you follow my wonderful ways. And today I was given a bath. And I was upset. I also had my claws clipped off. I will show you pictures of it later. And now look at the pictures of the ways that I do things.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Things That Belong To Myself

This post really is to show you the things that belong to myself. They are very important and they are also property of myself. I am very proud of my things. They are possessed by myself. The first possession that you see is my house. It is very expensive and was imported from a different country. The second picture is my exiting my house. The next possession that you see is me hay rack. The hay rack is what the timothy hay that is given to me by my slaves is put it. I am very proud of this hay rack. And when I want to make known my anger, I take down my hay rack. The next possession that you see is my water bottle. This is also a good possession. I drink out of it when I am thirsty. And then when I am not thirsty, I spit into it. I like to spit in my water bottle. It is a hobby of myself that I enjoy doing. The next possession that you see is my food bowl. This is my favorite possession. It is hand painted and fired for me by my slave. It is colorful. I like the colors of it. Inside my food bowl is two guin-treats left over from my last serving of Bonanza gourmet guinea pig food diet. This is the food bowl that holds the Bonanza gourmet guinea pig food diet that I am given each night when it is my feeding time. Also you see my carrot that I had started to eat with my sharp teeth.

The Nap of Me

I had been sleeping. I was laying on the quilt that is a cooler fabric to lay on in the summer. And my yellow blanket that is soft and feels soft to my fur was over some of me to keep me warm in my nap time. I had been very cute. When I went into the blanket I had purred and the purr ended in a high-pitched squeak and that was the time that I stretched out my paws and extended myself and was long and deflated on the quilt. I was very cute.

The Recliner of Myself

This is what I like to do. Sit in my brown reliner with my pink blanket. I am very cute when I do this. And you can also see my teeth and whiskers and stripes and ears and sparkling eyes also in the picture when you observe.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mokus Live: The Pleasuredness of Myself

I was a pleasured creature of myself. I had been eating in the grass. It was important to myself to be exercising my jaws. I was a deceitful creature to have my owners take me outside. Although I did deserve to go outside. And I was eating in the grass. I had been very important.

I had also been given great pleasure in a new bag of bonanza gourmet guinea pig diet. Of course I am important enough to be fed this kind of food. Plain food does not suit me appetite. Only the gourmet kinds of food like Bonanza are right for my internal parts, mostly my stomach. I am very important to be fed this kind of food and it gives me pride. I pick out the dehydrated carrot bits as well as the pumkin seeds. It makes my mouth feel good.

I had trotted in the green grass

This is a view of me trotting and padding along in the grass. I was especially quick and agile. I was being a runner. And I sniffed the air. And also I was very cute. I said to my self that I was going to be running free in the lawn. And I needed to supervision or protection from hawks and owls. They are incapable predators who would be stunned by my stripe. I was quite pleased with myself. And when I went in the sun the ground burnt my rubber feet. They are black on the bottom. My spotted foot is also black. I was very cute as well. And I did not get sunburned behind my ears. I was a good creature. And you can see my foot that is black extended behind me. Also viewable is my stripe and the top of my stripe on my face. And also my ears. And the shape of myself.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Power of My Teeth

Well really, I have 4 teeth. They are razor sharp. They have eaten carrots, corncobs, and many times bitten the skin of my slaves and Chuck. Well really, I am very important and can defend myself against even hawks and owls with my teeth. I can pick up a whole graham cracker and hold it in my teeth with my jaws. My jaws are also very strong. I will bite and not let go. Also to threaten things and slaves I can 'test' my teeth on them. That means I open my shark-like mouth and put it on them and threaten to bite while I blink and narrow my eyes. I am very strong. I love my teeth. And one day, really, my teeth got so long that they fell out. That was the only week of my life that I had to be loving and nice to my slaves and chuck. Because I knew I could not bite them but I said to myself when my teeth grow back I will be fierce. And now I am fierce. And today I went outside running. I ran around the borders of the garden when my slave wasn't looking. I just ran as fast as I could and wasn't seen. But then I stepped on a leaf under the deck and I was caught. Well really last night at dusk during the sunset I went outside to catch the evening air. I was very good. And I had really made myself a nest to be in and sleep outside. And the owl didn't threaten me. But really I was displeasured at the woodpecker. It angered me. But I was really smarter and more mighty with it and I chattered my teeth because I had to threaten it because I was more fierce than it. But really I did outsmart my slaves. They don't know how smart I really am. And I have long teeth. And my teeth are sharp. And also my teeth were sharp enough to be eating rock candy. It was home made and had been sitting in my closet for a month. Well really it was good. And I was on a sugar high. hmm hmm hmm. Well really I am very smart. I had been sharpening my teeth for a long time. My teeth make me feel good.