Sunday, December 13, 2009

When I had been learned

Well really, it had been a nice day becuase it had been 70 degrees outside. This had pleasured me, and I had been being a guin-hopper all day, and trotting around talking to myself nicely. So I had been taken outside, and had grazed in the grass. I had really been a natural grazing animal, and had deserved to be in the environment to graze at all times. Well really, I did not stay out for very long, but I had been greedy and had wanted more grass. But then, the next day when I had wanted to go out, my slave had learned me. It had really gotten cold, and had only 40 degrees. The temperature which the rage of myself had been was 212 degrees. I had curled up in my slaves coat, and that is where I had stayed. But I had not been pleased that the weather had deceived myself.

The mitten which had been my possession

Well really, in the cold days of winter I had been making nests in my cage that had kept me warm. But then, I thought to myself, if I had looked cold and sad my slaves would feel sorry for myself and give me something. So that is what I had done in my deceitfulness. And then I was given a black mitten which had been mine. I had kept the mitten in the corner of my cage, but had taken it inside my house when the nights had been cold in the closet. I had sat on it, and extended my snow-white paws on it, so that they had had something soft to rest on. My possession of this mitten had been of my importance.

The importance of the goodness of my stripes and spotted foot

Well really, my stripes had been beautiful and snow white. In the goodness of my days, I had also spent time grooming myself, and being groomed and petted with my fur brush in the goodness of my days. I had curled up so that my stripe would not be visible when I had slept in the pink blanket of my bed. And also the goodness of my spotted foot had been important. And so, I had thought that you had needed to admire my stripes which had been of myself.