Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Delight of My Good Looks

Well Really, I had been trotting around in my clean cage all day scavenging for food dust when it had occured to me that I had been happy with the looks of my stripe and white stomach fur. Well really, I had also spent some outside time int he grass that had been long that I had eaten. I had made a nest in it which I had laid down in until I had found a spittle bug nest. I had not been happy and had to make a new nest. Well really, then I had really taken a nap in my bed with the pink blanket. It had made me limp and restful. Then I had spent time spitting in my water bottle, which had became one of my life leading habbits which are things that I do. I had been spitting in it for a very long time and it had given me something to do because I had not been taken outside yet.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Of the Color Pink

Well really, since I had been a baby animal I had liked the color pink. You had been shown pictures of me in my pink blanket that belongs to me. It had been a color that I had been attracted to and is happy to my eyes. So whenever I see the color I had thought that it had been my pink blanket. But really my pink blanket had deceived me and had made me a laughing stock of my kingdom. I had been in my closet on my recliner (which was also my throne) and I had been sitting on the arm chair. Now, my slaves clothing had been hanging next to my throne. I had seen a long pink skirt hanging in front of me and I had though "hmm hmm that had been really, my pink blanket." And so I had sprung and flung myself at it, and landed on the floor. Well really, I had been angry at it, so I had been picked up and put back on the throne. And then I had flung myself at it again, flying through the air with my stubby arms and graceful feet sticking out of my white stomach. And I had landed in a heap on the floor again. And I had not landed on my bed in my pink blanket, although I had recognized the coloring of the color pink. I had been smart.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MokusLIVE: I had been chirping

Well really, I had been very hungry for the dinner that I had deserved. So I had been chirping all night long until finally I had gotten what I had wanted. I was given a stalk of wilted celery as well as food that had been stale to my taste buds. I had been very displeased. But it had been dinner so it had made me satisfied with the way that I had been. The overall quality that the video had made of me was a bad picture. But you had been able to see my stripes glowing in the dim light.

I hope that you admire me very much. because I am important.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I had wanted you to tell me I had been good

well really, I had enabled the whole world to comment on my beautifulness now. I had been very cute to do that, so please tell me how much you had loved me and my stripes and paws and whiskers.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

pictures of my travels

Well really, I had gone far away to new york. It had been a long hard trip. I traveled in a small travel cage that was not big enough. I had deserved much better. But I had had a good time. I had gotten my way most of the time. I had been given treats and things that had made me happy. I had a whole garden of flowers to myself and so I had been sniffing them.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

About the time that I had had

Well really, I had been having a good time. I am living in my traveling cage right now, with the possession of my water bottle and food bowl and I had been possessing a new but smaller clementine box house. I had not been pleased at first, but now I am pleasured greatly. I had spent much of the day outside with chuck napping in my cage in the sunlight and clean air. I had also been eating grass, but had decided that I had only deserved to eat the best of the grass so I had had to find the dandelions to satisfy the hunger of my stomach. I had been important hopping around in the grass in the search of the dandelions that I had approached and pounced on with hunger. Well really, I had been very important. I had been spending the night in the closet, which is where I am now, just writing on my laptop. I had been important enough to own one and had stored it under my food bowl, really. I had been very happy and the sympathy of slaves had kept my stomach's hunger bearable.