Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Of myself in my basket and the thoughts which had been

Well really, I had had my own room and had lived in the dormer of my own room. It had been of my belongings. I had had my own basket and small blanket which had been my size and had been soft of my likings. This had been my land free to roam as I had pleased in my ways. I had not allowed Chuck to come in my room or near it because she had not been allowed. If Chuck had been illegal on my land I would be angry. Chuck had not belonged on my land, even as my slave. But I had been illegal on Chuck's land had had fought Chuck on her land because it had really been mine as well. This had all been in my ways. Well really, I had been sitting and had been thinking about things in my basket. And I had thought to myself that I had really deserved 10 dinners a day for the eating of my ways. I had needed more food, because I had thought to myself, that I would be more powerful in my ways.

Of myself, cute and innocent

Well really, I had been a sweet and cute animal of myself. I had been little and meek eating grass next to the azalea bush. I had also smelled a rose, in my garden which had belonged to myself. I had still been of my ways and had been doing many things and had had much to think about in my days.

Of which chuck had still lived in the goodness of her days

Well really, Chuck had still been alive in the goodness of her days. But really, I had been better in teh goodness of my own days which had been of myself. I had kissed chuck to make a good picture, but had still been of my ways. Well really, my nose was higher than Chuck's nose. Because of my powerfulness.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Of my concernemnt and the ways which had been

Well really, I had lived the ways of my life this week and last week and always because they had been my ways. I had been thinking of my ways very much. In the days which had been, chuck had been very sick. She had not been more sick than I had been powerful. Chuck had been sick and chuck had almost not lived. This had made me think of my ways. I had been a good guin of my ways of my life in my ways. I had shown concernment of chuck. If chuck had died I would not have had a guin slave of my ways. Chuck had not died. Chuck had been better and had not been sick anymore. I had stopped showing my concernment and had decided to my ways that one day I would be going up, not down.