Thursday, November 26, 2009

I had been thankful for myself

Well really, I had only been thankful for myself. I had had two stripes, a beautiful figure, catfish whiskers, a spotted foot, a white stomach, snow-white paws, puffed out chin fur, a little gray beard, four razor sharp teeth, a pink tongue, two black ears, and many other things about myself. I had not needed to be thankful for anything else, because I had been entitled to it because of the powerful status I had had. Well really, I had also become a person lately as well. I had eaten my Thanksgiving dinner off of a plate, which had been the ways of a person. I had had pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, and cranberries. This had pleased me. I had eaten first the sweet potatoes, then I had had the pie, and last I had licked up cranberries. I had been of much importance while I had been eating this. Admire my pictures.

I had started by eating the sweet potatoes. There had been melted marshmellows inside the sweet potatoes which had given my pleasure.

Then I had eaten the pumpkin pie. This had also pleased me, but I had wanted whipped cream on top which I had not received.

Then I had eaten the cranberries. They had been tart and sweet on my pink tongue of importance. I had liked the taste, and had known of it.
I sniffed the air with the pleasure I had had at such person like treatment. The only difference had been that I had not been giving thanks for many blessings. I had given thanks for myself and my ways.
Last, and more importantly least, Chuck had not known of the human ways of eating off of a plate. She had been afraid, and had had to been fed the food by hand or else she had not wanted to eat it. This casts a bit of importance on the ways I had had, because I had known how to eat off a plate as a person would. This is another reason why myself and my ways had been better than Chucks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I had eaten as a human

Well really, I had been eating like a human, because of my ways. I had stolen carrots away from my slaves lunch. I had pilfered them. I had wanted them and had eaten them because I had been mighty in my ways.

Well really, I had spotted the lunch which I had wanted to feast upon. I had had my eyes on the carrots and some of the bread.

I had had want in my eyes.

But then it had disappeared. So I bit the plate to kill what I was going to feast on.
And then, I had snuck up on the carrot which I had been planning to kill so that I could eat it. I had to be very quiet or else it would hide. I had been stealthy in my hunting ways.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I had been hungering

Well really, I had been the one that had been hungry and had deserved more food. Well really, I had wanted a carrot that had been bigger, but had only been given a small slave sized serving of a carrot which had not pleased me. I had also wanted to eat more bread, but had not been given. So I had squeaked and cried and begged and flipped my house over. Well really, I had been very cute in my ways.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The looks I had had in my time of displeasure

Well really, I had gone out running for 2 hours today because it had been my will. I am still very displeasured about the bath which I had been given and had not taken kindly to the consolation my slaves presented me to make me pleasured. But really, I had taken advantage of it. And when I had been outside, I had fought against Chuck because it had all been her fault that we had been given a bath. Above is the photo in which I had fought chuck. I had narrowed my eyes so that I would look threatening as I had had power and sharpness of teeth.

I had also had a stance of the arrogance of myself. I had not wanted to be given the bath which I had received. I had puffed out my chin fur to make myself look more powerful. And also my sharklike mouth and snow white paws had been showing.

I had made my stripes and snow white paws visible as well as my whiskers. I had been very cute but had been displeased at the fact of the bath which I had been given.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the day that had been of goodness and badness

I had been the swine that was responsible for the flu that had been named after me in my honor. Well really, when my slave wouldn't take me out to run I gave my slave the swine flu as my revenge. I had been revengeful. And therefor, my slave had laid in bed under my watch for a whole week. I had not even been sleeping in my bed with my slave because of the sickness that my swine flu had brought. Well really, that is what I had done, and now I had had the time to write and tell you about the day I had had of today.
Well really, I had had a day of goodness and badness. It had been going well. I had been left to sleep in my closet until later in the morning when I had woken up. Then I had noticed that the sun was shining and the birds had chirped praises to myself. It had been 75 degrees outside and I had known my days priorities. But the slaves had not cared as much. The game was on that had had to be watched so I had secretly watched it myself. But after the game and then the post-game I had been taken outside to my liking. It had almost been dark out, which had been to my dismay, but I had eaten many yellow leafs and had also been eating tender little grasslings which had been young baby sprouted up out of the ground pieces of grass. This had pleased me greatly. But then when I had come back inside, I had realized it had all been a trick from the start. I had been put on a chair and then I heard the sink start to run. And then I was taken helplessly and put in the sink of water to be given a bath that I had not needed. I had been furious and had imitated an alligator in the water that I had been ready to strike with my sharp teeth at no warning. I had sprung out of the water into the soap dish and had gotten soap on my chin fur. Then my slave washed the soap out of my chin fur which had enraged myself. I had not been pleasured for many reasons of this deceitful act done to myself. Then I had been dried off with a towel and dried with a hair dryer which I had not liked so I had run away and crept under the bed, which had been my act of deceit in return that the slave had not noticed of my creeping away. Then when I had been dried and put away I had been given a consolation treat of a yogurt raisin. I had been smart to refuse this consolation treat to show of my great displeasure, but when my slaves had left I had eaten and digested the yogurt raisin because of my greed. I hope that you had had the time to admire the pictures that I had had of myself.

above: I had been outside in the grass in my happyness

above: do not pay any attention to chuck. I had been scared of the bath that had been coming to myself.

I had been being an alligator to be threatening.

I had also had to keep my whiskers out of the water because of their great importance they had had.

I had looked at myself in the mirror

My ears had been wet

but there had been a view of my spotted foot and snow white paw

I had known I had been suffering from post traumatic stress

I had been hair dried. I had not liked this.

So, I had walked away. You had been able to see my rubber bottomed feet in their importance.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The ways I had lived

You had been able to see the view of my food bowl and my begging chin fur. And the view of my flipped over house had been visible to your eyes, because of the strongness which I had had.
Well really, it had been the time to be begging which I had done. I had been living my ways in the fall weather which had made it colder for my existence. But really, I had also been very powerful and had avoided my fall bath which had been coming to me. I had gotten a pepper core and had had many carrots which had been bigger then my body. And I had also wanted more treats. And I had also been given plain food which had not been to my pleasure.