Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the rage of mokus: part 2

Voted back by popular demand is my rage. I don't think you should laugh at my rage. My razor sharp teeth might sink into you next. My rage is still on-going. The snow has not yet melted-- actually it hardly got above freezing today. I tried charming it away, but it wouldn't listen to me. Snow is a difficult thing. I can not control it. It is supposed to be 57 on Friday. I expect to be taken outside. I have done everything to deserve it.

I have been such a good animal lately. Admire my picture!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the rage of mokus

yes. I am not happy. This should be your main concern, my displeasure and overall disgust at the weather today. My slave has been outside playing and sledding and eating snow and has not thought of me more than twice. my nap in my bed was also shortened to 15 minutes from my normal 2 hour timeslot in the fuzzy yellow blanket. I looked out the window only to realize that my green grazing land was covered in whiteness. This enrages me, as only my stripes, paws and stomach should be white. Nobody should try to copy me. I am distressed at the sight of it. I was planning to go outside today as well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas!

And really, slaves, I did not think it important to wish you a merry Christmas until the 12th day. I have been very busy with things much to important to talk about to you slaves. I have been eating 'Wild Harvest' which is my favorite brand of guinea pig food. It has little treats, seeds, nuts, grains, and dehydrated carrots. It is surely my favorite. I tricked my slaves into buying it for me. I am very proud of myself. For a Christmas present, the slaves (one week late, may I add) got me a bag of 'Yogurt Yummies'. I don't think they are very suitable for such a beautiful animal with stripes and dainty white paws, but I let my sister Chuck have most of those.

Enjoy this picture of me. I was wrapping presents which I thought were for myself.