Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Sweet Sounds I Had Chirped

Well really, I had wanted my treat so badly, that I had been chirping for it. And the begging noises I had made had made my slaves give me the treat that I had deserved. It had been my joy and pleasure to hear the beautiful sounds of my voice that I had loved so much.

My Slaves and My Blanketed Nest

Well really, I had really added a slave map that would tell me how many slaves I had really owned. And I had been busy during the time of this day clucking around my cage digging holes and doing other things that are none of your business. I had also begged to be fed a plumb dumpling that had been refused to me because I do not know why it had been. I had also been given a chunk of ice cold watermelon tha thad made me happy and full of energy. And I had also wanted you to look at the pictures of me and write to me when you find the one that I had stuck out my tounge for.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Carrot That Had Been Bigger

Well really, I was delightfilled with the carrot that I had been given. It had had a size of longness. But it had also been snapped in half, because it was chuck's fault that chuck had been hungry as well. But I had really been the begger for it, so it was rightfully mine which I had deserved for the goodness of my days.