Monday, January 4, 2010

I had been cute in my ways in the days that had really been holidays

Well really, I had made a new years resolution that my slaves would flock after me in numbers because of my mightyness and good looks. I had also heard that a picture was worth a thousand words, but not 1,000 of my words, unless it had been a picture of myself in my ways with my good looks. So, I had shared many of the pictures of the ways I had had.

You had seen that one of my favorite treats had been marshmellow rice krispy treats. I had eaten them with my teeth.

For Christmas dinner, because of my importance, I had sat in the dining room and eaten off of my silver spoon. I had had sweet potatoes and cranberries.

A nap in my slaves bed, which had really been my bed.

I had really slunk away so that I could be alone in my bed.
I had eaten hay out of the hay rack which had been one of my possessions.
When my foodbowl, another of my possessions, had been full of gourmet guinea pig bonanza food. This had pleased myself greatly.
And if you had looked at my chin fur, you could see the carrot stain which I had not washed my face yet, because it had been cute.