Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I had been of strongness

Well really, I had really had the strongess and muscles of a strong little one. And even in the strongness of my whiskers. h'hmm'mmm'mm. I had even been strong enough to flip my house so it had been pointing straight up which had made me a place to hide behind it in the ways of myself.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Had Arrived

Well really, spring had arrived. I had been taken outside to my green pastures for the second day in a row, which had been my great pleasure. It had been 60 degrees outside, which had been my desired temperature. The spring flowers had bloomed as well, and I had sniffed them. I had trotted around in the grass, because of my importance.

My Pink Towel

Well really, I had been fast asleep on my towel dreaming about spring days which had been warm and carrots that had been bigger. But then my slaves had worken me up, which had made me annoyed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The nest which had been of a towel

Well really, I had deserved a nest which had been made of a pink towel, which I had nested in all day in the goodness of my days. I had been angered by my claw being cut though. I had spent many days growing out my sharp talons and then my slave decided to cut them. First had been the spotted foot, and I had squirmed so much that my middle-toe on my spotted foot had been cut so close that it had been bleeding. I had been very sorrowful at the short nail I had had left, and it had been of pain to myself. But I had been given carrots and celery, and it had started to grow back, so I had not cared anymore. But really, I had been up to many things lately. I had been listening to the classical station, because of my ways, and I had gotten what I had wanted.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I had been a sweet little one in the sugaryness of my ways

Well really, I had had a whole sugar cookie with pink sugary sprinkles on top all to myself, because I had been good in my days. My slaves made sure to give me the most round one, with the nicest golden bottom, because the best cookie goes to the best guin, which had only been myself. I had been eating it whenever I had wanted, and it had pleased myself and my ways.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the toast which had belonged

Well really, I had had toast for my breakfast. It had been made of an english muffin, and had had apple butter, which had been the "city" of Dunn's Christmas gift to myself, in all my power. I had really been eating it because I had wanted it. I had eaten it off of a plate of human ways, and had eaten it with my teeth and my little pink tongue licking up the apple butter because it had contented myself for the goodness of my days.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Picture that had been of Myself

Well really, I had had a picture of myself to look at in my cage so that I could see how beautiful I am. The thing that had been beautiful had been my stripes, and my whiskers and the way I had snow white paws and a spotted foot. I had liked my picture, but then had thought that it would be a good thing if Chuck had it in her cage, because she had known that I had been in charge of her because I had been better.

I had eaten crackers because I had wanted them

Lately, I had gotten into the habbit of eating crackers. I had liked the way they tasted when my razor sharp teeth had bitten into them. And also, because they had been the food that a person would eat, and I had been like a person.