Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The nest which had been of a towel

Well really, I had deserved a nest which had been made of a pink towel, which I had nested in all day in the goodness of my days. I had been angered by my claw being cut though. I had spent many days growing out my sharp talons and then my slave decided to cut them. First had been the spotted foot, and I had squirmed so much that my middle-toe on my spotted foot had been cut so close that it had been bleeding. I had been very sorrowful at the short nail I had had left, and it had been of pain to myself. But I had been given carrots and celery, and it had started to grow back, so I had not cared anymore. But really, I had been up to many things lately. I had been listening to the classical station, because of my ways, and I had gotten what I had wanted.

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