Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Of myself in my basket and the thoughts which had been

Well really, I had had my own room and had lived in the dormer of my own room. It had been of my belongings. I had had my own basket and small blanket which had been my size and had been soft of my likings. This had been my land free to roam as I had pleased in my ways. I had not allowed Chuck to come in my room or near it because she had not been allowed. If Chuck had been illegal on my land I would be angry. Chuck had not belonged on my land, even as my slave. But I had been illegal on Chuck's land had had fought Chuck on her land because it had really been mine as well. This had all been in my ways. Well really, I had been sitting and had been thinking about things in my basket. And I had thought to myself that I had really deserved 10 dinners a day for the eating of my ways. I had needed more food, because I had thought to myself, that I would be more powerful in my ways.

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